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That the rate that age at which this happens is a little different but women live longer so the cumulative risk throughout life is about the same now looking at potential association with family history about three-quarters of all cases of correctional cancer don't happen in people who have relatives record for cancer and this is important when we talk about screening because population-based screening palace to everybody whether or not you have a router with cancer the risk is higher in people have had cancer in the family and about a quarter of people such history there are some very high-risk syndromes that are not common that raise the risk of correctional cancer tremendously we don't know the cause % most correctional cancers but as with most cancers this ultimately goes down to changes in the genetic material much of this may have to do with people's lifestyle or frankly just with being alive we accumulate changes in our genetic material simply with aging but there are several specific risk factors that epidemiological studies have linked with correctional cancer and so when we think about prevention these things come up they're not surprising in terms of the menu of things that you've heard about in terms of healthy living in general physical activity if people are less active increases the risk obesity and overweight raises the risk love having cancer it's also known that it raises the risk of having the per cancers that we screen for little talk to you about in a moment smoking raises risk heavy alcohol use raises risk and having type  diabetes raises risk linking this back to overweight because many times those go hand in hand now current screening recommendations suggest that people who are age  and above and are considered average risk should consider screening and those guidelines really come from grass like this where you see that as people yes all chance of developing colon cancer goes up and yes a call year for so one has to make a judgment inters of public policy about when to start this is where the number fifty comes from but the other thing to realize is that people have a family history and this is at least one first-degree relative so parent sibling child who has had correctional cancer that increases the risk and you can view this want to weigh he or her she this way about ten years and this is where wrong for saying people with.

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