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That be something new you know if we came to your town are we came to a town near you she's really good you guys and I got good man you know we don't want common we could have like you ok I we can have rule  the stuff I be only issue but anyways so cool questionnaire that would be really fun I'm more exciting than Olympic curling I don't know what curling is that horrible and how they should FORMULA T-10 even admit bad I found out what's he moguls are for the moment the gun know that it's time for you straight down and then there's little like pegs coming about us know him and you have to get your ski on either side of the pagan if you straddle the peg me out hum good morning you're out have splendid hit crew yeah right through to the end the itself is trend typical yeah you know I'm going on skis one time in my life I did and I'm yeses FORMULA T-10 it was a lot and Mac-arena following time action alright so I'm going to run over here to the Face book I looks like there's probably comments coming in there just not loading they're kind of freezing there so we will try to get back to the questions in the chat room here in just sec snow bomb Blake grieves doll says I know you preach all natural but if faced with this decision to eat processed sugar or a sugar substitute what do you choose the sugar or the Splendid almond I would actually go with the sugar is going to be even better for you then our every FORMULA T-10 senator’s every separate I'm not to see that sugar is how the no I'm confer you know confuse people found that is a hail you did last week right you know we made a whole yeah exactly me this whole scale and I'm artificial sweeteners so that’s aspartame splendor NutraSweet equal I'm sometimes on the back on the label it as the aspartame hurdles the shamefaced K or shamefaced potassium I'm and again this is why I just kind were you know in those little food battle videos I tell people just stay away from the really long FORMULA T-10 ingredient list because trying to remember all these different weird ingredient names that you're supposed to remember and wait is kind of too hard for anyone it's too hard for me I'm but in terms of sweeteners sometimes especially on things that are sugar-free your right cut they can say it sugar-free and put artificial sweeteners a look for that aspartame her look for that shamefaced potassium on and I would definitely avoid those so actually yes I would say we're fine sugar is a better bet FORMULA T-10

 in this artificial sweeteners but the better bet from there would be something like honey maple syrup using fruit I might even be little info graphic I'm about sweeteners best and worst so.
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