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lita nike

The work it I believe seen you in person a few times and you always look sensational so I guess they're here where r tips took he typed I tried towel it's also pretty embarrassing when you're in target trying on clothes at the wheels like I saw you on one or two later I am yes that I'm in target trying on clothes yeah you know every time every time I go out my boyfriend sees me he looks amigos oh you're wearing your sexy jeans which is like the exact opposite OK and I like if on kill me I'm going to come look I just wear clothes that fit that's that was a big that was the bank when the big takeaways as I'm having trouble with that myself right now having lost a lot of weight everything looks like a burlap sacks on the right thing to do yourself a favor hair what you have done as I kept I guess it's getting close II know what did you I'm such a moment on I Dixie cups in school because I'm and placed on a Web site all where did that come from I J that's funny smart you know sometimes we only spend money on our souls like that's it so hard you know all hard I think about me without I've to track my life really to closure is needed 21 others like to-do it and she's like honey you've got there are more holes in those jeans okay that Ike than the ones I grew up on the farm with can we pump replaced them at this point but bunny atomic and do that show man every time I see that unlike I want five thousand dollars to go buy new clothes said it's not your president's very smart well use rates going up we should wrap it up for a 50 minutes over than our usual time in using that means we're having a good time we don't wanna and its but I will see you next week for sure he is excited about going to Austin I'm gonna play this video back I'm going to listen to some other I'm restaurant reviews maybe what I'll do is on if I try some other restaurants I will take some pictures and videos now bring him back for the rest the crew we can try some others the you guys wanna live vicariously through yeah Excel at so I'll I'm tired a living vicariously through you have I so what kind of loll I know like put need to submit a panel is what you need to do that that's the secret to South I felt last people as I know if he'll a tradition Party PAP at all as tough here you me it is about 10 years in the Google Hangouts base yesterday I love let's go do something next year so we can go to bed result is after but it has to be complex something very weird like I am like I paying out from.

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