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I think our potential backups whether it's in the emergency department or isn't getting to see your car very careful system and here's why we are already in this country at shortage of primary care physicians in particular there are approximately nineteen thousand medical students who graduate every year but only about thirty percent of those and it's probably less now go into primary care physicians now is they're coming out of medical school are going into specialties surgery hematology in Steve's urology radiology any of those logy pH part of that is because there can be abettor work-life balance potentially no doubt that they'll turn a higher salary as a specialist that they will as a primary care physician and although making a salary as per hundred urn hand twenty five thousand dollars frowns pretty good to us as a primary care physician would when they first come out think about the fact that they're coming-out of medical school with at least two hundred thousand dollars worth of debt so it you know in Dayton just keeping up with their regular expenses Andrews twenty five thousand dollars doesn't go very far when you have office staffed he four malpractice insurance people are and so forth and you're looking at that much debt estimations are that we will face shortfall of physicians an existing years at ten fifty thousand positions it we won't have enough doctors to care for patients that we have now let alone facing a growing population extending medical coverage to additional people through health care reform I think that we will face many opportunities where Haitians are it taking them longer and longer to get in to see their physician uh... way comic is doing to try to carry that is enough full-court press on recruitment we believe here that we've got that good let birth work-life balance especially for primary care physicians but it is challenging sometimes to recruit granular new you more rural area so it you know it it's that double-edged sword where it's going to be crate the more people can get coverage and have it paid for what do we have the medical personnel supply that we need I don't think we do and I think that that still needs to be flushed out you know there are a limited number of residency spots every year and that's not because the medical schools dot blot more medical students it's because actually Medicare on the number of residency spots that are available so even if we wanted to graduate more physicians every year we couldn't just based on the way the system is that parallax view answer reloaded today you have any time you don't I mean.

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