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base (this part is still in test phase to be replaced) wafer maria Gr butter 1st floor 1 - Philadelphia Cheese Light 1 - Skinny Greek yogurt 2 - scoop whey chocolate 8 - leaves unflavored gelatin skimmed milk 2 Floor 1 - Philadelphia Light Cheese 1 - Skinny Greek yogurt 2 - scoop strawberry whey 8 - leaves unflavored gelatin  skimmed milk base mix previously crushed cracker and butter to make a paste, spread uniformly on a platter and bring to the refrigerator. 1st floor the gelatin sauce, meanwhile mix the cheese with the yogurt and whey, then melt the gelatin into the milk, and mix in cheese and yogurt, mixed well pour over the bed wafer and lead to the refrigerator, when to solidify the same procedure for the second I'll try the next swap phial by forage blanch cheese 0% fat inter, and the base wafer by a base made ??with oats! oatmeal and fruit cake! Banana other fruit to your liking, this time strawberries were 2nd natural yogurt (yogurt gr 2) - 2nd from age here methyl inter 3 whole eggs 1st rolled oats 1st wholemeal flour 1 tablespoon baking powder cinnamon to taste 3 scoops whey (optional) 1 cocoa powder Slim mix the flour with oats and baking book, put the banana, strawberries, eggs, cheese / yogurt, cinnamon and whey in a blender to mix well, then mix the flour liquid will pour a previously forma "lubricated" not stick to the cake, pour half the batter into the pan, mix the remaining dough in well blended cocoa, and lie in the way. going to the oven about 20-30 minutes (my oven can not know the temp was so ht palindrome ) and cool and good the next will experiment with almond flour and reduce flour or even cut, my strawberry whey is what Parabolic Hyper Whey is super sweet so there is no need for any sweetener, with more still to fruit! Pisa Base ! to cauliflower Pisa this is one that we can eat well when you feel like. basis for  - cauliflower 1 - egg 1 cup tea - mozzarella cheese or any other to your taste oregano garlic pepper (spices to taste essentially) grate the cabbage, then 8 min in the microwave after that mix the remaining ingredients mix well, and bake 15 minutes (as my oven n pa measure the temp when I took the base was crispy)  after scoring the toppings more like it, this case was egg, mushrooms, turkey ham, loin sausage, oregano, and homemade tomato base. after leaving the oven only took more oregano incredible that when we hear about the cauliflower pizza base is just pa twisting the nose, but it was very good Ice Cream Lover's This left due to morning smoothie. 2 Frozen bananas 5/6 strawberries 2/3 tablespoons of milk put the fruit in shredder or something and keep adding milk, can be need more milk depends on your taste 3 tablespoons comes to me perfectly.  this is chocolate version with 5 grams of fat-reduced cocoa powder.

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