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The whole history %uh this church and all churches even as they pursue it they will always be growing just like wearer in cracks ourselves there is a standard by which we want to reach but we are growing to that standard continuously when we never reach it until crisis accommodates the workers salvation in glorification what which happens after we shed the earthly body right its own time it happens so just know that who are these people though from Hebron chapter 10 and or just now getting to the text but this is the conclusion are here for chapter 10 who are these people who do not forsake assembling together who are these people who are gathered together in this church on to reflect on that he purrs chapter10 horses 19 through 22 are really just describing genuine believers you can read Hebrews from the standpoint have a this division their genuine believers and there are apostates and if you read with that lands on the book of Hebrews and you get it chapter 10 versus 19through 22 you're getting this relief foaled vision a genuine believer since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood Jesus where would we have confidence to enter the Holy of Holies he bruises constantly leaning back on the Old Testament the high priest didn't have confidence to enter the Holy of Holies without first going for ritual washing and sacrifice for himself then they would tie a rope on him in case he still died in the presence of God and I would be able to drag his body out without somebody else having to try to go in where we gain the confidence to enter this place by the blood of Jesus by a new and living way which he and not graded for us through the veil that is his flesh and since we have great high priest over the house of God we have 12 be priest for us that will not be rejected Christ is the high priest that was cent less he needed no sacrifice for self he needed no rope tied around his waist day let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith with without any doubting fully completely assured have this faith because of Christ up because I us having our hearts sprinkle claim from anvil conscience in our bodies washed with pure water that neither those statements had anything to do with baptism by the way are it's not an argument for sprinkling are dumping day it's not about bad to them so somebody brings you those verses a those aren't about baptism it has to do with the cleansing of our souls through.

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