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That's network marketing company their shake has  grams and another network marketing company has  grams and then if you look at the protein source are protein is from key protein Shea and him and so the wonderful thing is those are very complete proteins they have great amigo acid profile and then are key Minoan acids and I know for the trainers here oftentimes personal trainers will encourage their clients who want to get really ripped stake extra amigo acids and Branched chain amine acid and the great thing you can do with this because it's a rich with Minoan acids and minerals is even for people using ice lean shakers nicely in pro have this as a mid-afternoon snack its gonna rev up the metabolism it's got great amount of fiber in it great amount of anti-oxidants you can whip it up and with lots of eighth and make it called like a little smoothie and it's great for kids it's amazing forbids so the ninety re system so what was missing well those snack wafers were missing and now we have these amazing wild berry snacks who's tried them okay if you love them make them know hey I have another kid fashion this is not good so tonight Chris and the kids and IR getting on a alpine for London and we're going to London and Paris this weekend after the Boston Marathon has to be very candid with you that being there me experiencing the bomb scene smoking if any was washing for Boston strong I love you guys that it was very emotional and it was one of those life defining moments and I we say that our past can refinance or D finance have you ever had a life defining moment unit and it made you make a decision to do something and so after that I made list it wasn't just a list like a regular list goals these were experiences that I was committed to having in the next two years with my family and one of them was the kids you know have always want to go to London I said you know what we're going to go we're going to go to London and I'm gonad the glitz event we're going to get on a plane and we're going to go and it's going to be fantastic well that's all well and good we ‘reliving our dreams they Stacy Genie except one of my see cases is full of snacks I kid you not it’s just its all I suggest next and they're all these bottles. 

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