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I'll they make as much if not more we'reoutta water so I think the you know we have to take look at these types of issues because they do have a cute little impact on the communities great we'll thank you very much for your participation your answers and stick around we're going to have questions at the end after mister Garcia finishes his presentation will take all the questions that we be seeing ten tried and it is medically cancer stick with this I'll KR from ice cream again as an work you to change slight tear I want to introduce for Robert Garcia up next that before we do that we're going to go to pull number four and that she a even school that are struggling financially and/or with low test scores should beamed to comply with state law to provide physical education to all students want to know whether you strongly agree with that statement agree neither agree nor disagree just two contests agree on a or strongly disagree so please mark your answer in the lower go lake and box your screen a strongly agree you agree see neither agree nor disagree Rd disagree or argue strongly disagree and then click the Submit button so that we can tally up the to the answers I'll and mister Garcia will probably address I even this questions %uh is new this question in his presentation I'm he didn't like the question on share with you that he has I'm something to teach you lookout even the content to this question that is not necessarily I'm a correct that I think it does getting the spirit or learning and sweater we're about to miss up webinars is to learn what we can so Robert Garcia stunning director and Council on City project is a civil rights attorney who engages educates and empowers communities to achieve equal access to public resources its founding director and counsel in the city country nonprofit legal and policy advocacy organization based in Los Angeles is extensive experience in public policy and legal advocacy radiation litigation involved in complex social justice like screaming help and caramel education in criminal justice matters mister Darcy has worked in.

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