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Then if you stretch your dollar that's it that is important to all of us you know you can stretch your dollar I in combination kinds of foods wear heels likes to use our surprise really give you the ability to really stretch extensive Ice items it's a smaller portions and so you could put those it just sort patches ahead and at halfback those meals available for several meals during the week and then also catch your favorite recipes with them make them all at once and freeze have thought that Rs he happy now you make it and use it later always great way %uh to stretch out job our menus up being healthy at work as you know where artwork your hard work every day it's always something that is a challenge to SAP to think about eating healthy and making on wiser choices obverse old used to carry for others we're so used to considering others but take some time for yourself and think about how you can make those healthy choices he's your choices %uh while at work it certainly making afoot basket happy food available all the time stocking up break room for your fridge greater with all the options always a great job up great play and then being active you know playing outside with your kids certainly putting on music and dancing with kids in it certainly are using a buddy system will you look for that support from friends and family encouragement me know research we know that would benefit by love our friends and those peers and his colleagues it really helps I really stay engaged and think about to healthier choices it's always great %shave that teamwork well I mention super tracker at USTA on week we knew that when we created my plate and she's like they don't go resources we needed put information out a runaway that anyone a parent of a-year-old a mom a health professional %uh provider on and a teacher's all had easy way up putting the dietary guidelines into action well we created way we created that 3 state-of-the-art tool I so far I think the number here solo I we've got about 2.4 million registered users sirs up super checker and you don't have to be registered user but we know that there are over two million folks out there who regularly use a super tanker and literally millions each day who are looking to super tracker maybe not as registered user but for all I'll the information this H views %uh to look at.

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