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I'm the real me I was a thin person dying to get out of that overweight body I will never be Batman can it's my pleasure now to introduce a very special guest a professional chef as well as an LA Weight Loss client welcome Chef John now I'm excited because you're going to show us one of the recipes from the alley light cookbook correct that's right Victoria today we're going to make marinated beef shush kebab and this is one at that recipes that I actually use from the only like cookbook as I began my weight loss journey through LA Weight Loss excellent alright well how we going to get started well we're going to start off with some fresh beef what you're looking for is be that has just slight marbling through it which is a little bit a fat okay that adds moisture and flavor and tenderness and what I did is I just read this is beef browned I've any excess visible fat so let's putout roomer together okay so in a ball we're just going to take a few ingredients and as you can see nothing in this marinade has any fat to it when I can use olive oil or vegetable oil or butter this is fat-free we're taking a little bit a fresh garlic that's been man some light soy sauce it's important tousle light because on the only weight loss plan what we're trying to do is reduce sodium that's right a little bit of balsamic vinegar some fresh ginger and I like to use fresh ingredients as opposed to dried when at all possible okay if using dry ground ginger here I'm using fresh a few red chili flakes that can add little bit iffy some reduced calorie brown sugar in this case for using a dark brown sugar and just stick couple dashes Tabasco sauce at a little kick tired player that's right so we're going to with that up and does this work just for before with this work for chicken as well this is a great marinade for be for chicken for pork really any kind of protein okay now what we're going to do it assemble our shush nabobs together so you want to take a wooden skewer and what I do is I soak these for about  minutes in a pan of water because we're gonna grill these and this will protect the stick from burning and as you can see here we've got fresh vegetables they are raw and you can add whatever is in season whatever's fresh in this case we've got some red bell pepper and some fresh mushrooms and.  

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