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I on hear stories here and there but as I understand it it's a there've been a lot of improvements and that rail with you could discuss that a little bit K well Wayne at a pace outfit are really help something that can but not so that you only have to remove your top odd scheduling your mammograms around when you're on breast or not is tender doubt being about a week after your period or about two weeks before your period I stopping or decreasing your caffeine intake can help reduce tenderness I'm be sure imp not wearing any deodorant lotion or talc whenever you going to have your mammogram I'm remove all your jewelry from around your neck your ears that sort of thing I also whenever you can I have your mammogram is important to take your doctors address and phone number with you so that facility can get the member Graham report to the our position that he may be able to review in if you don't hear from your physician ordered them Mr. Griffin facility don’t just a saying that your mammogram is normal it has been more than 10 days contact either your physician where the mammogram facility if you like a facility that you go to get your mammograms continue their army yearly basis that way they had your mammograms they can pay compare year two-year I if you move in you go somewhere else you can request your records either to take with you where sign a release to have the record sent to whatever facility you may be going to on in the future and always make sure that the facility the G U specializes either in mammoth grams or they do a lot and mammograms each day I with the I would suppose that it's like a lot of things the more that's done the more skilled than the more comfortable a lot of the folks are the technicians are in that Scott are lead to better are woke up for and better way probably more copper for the provider and the patient when they're doing the mammogram to as well because it's more commonplace and they see allot of we're fortunate here today like a lead to have AR a good center here at the hospital in terms of the week breast cancer obviously strikes a lot offer in people and I and rightly so on wet it impacts us in a lot of ways and not just the person but the family but there's also are CS and lots and other things that may or may not be cancer what are some other causes love on breast lumps and sis that.

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