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That this was a good experience um where you going to go now Katie you've got your mph where do you go from here I actually added yesterday accepted religion at the Children's Health Fund in New York City no outstanding team neared city and couple months that's great success story overseas Katie savage in Croatia now we have doctor Michael fried line who came back to graduate school to get his master's in public health here in the Department of Health Policy and Management sold Michael what influenced you first to come back to graduate school you already had a doctorate now you coming back for Masters in Public Hill a doctor is in biopsychology my plan was to teach the research by then it really like in health care so this is just a way to very there my way in the healthcare field right and we were trying to encourage that where we get to people with MD's in PhD to come back and get public health training so tell us about this age-old issue here alcohol abuse well we are focused on underage drinking in this country and try to guess that but we have an address that problematic drinking and all age groups so excess drinking causes country over 200 million a year only 20 percent 12 percent that's really great start okay so 200 billion dollars a year is the cost %uh this alcohol abuse but only and 82 that a tiny fraction that is actually underage drinking and so you're looking at a policy approach here so this is true policy proposal to hopefully change it and so this is the way taken economics approach to addressing excess use and allowing underage drinkers a restricted level love you got a model after up graduated driver license programs wherever time you get more privileges in terms if you're driving at same time lowering the legal driving limit in a raise in federal taxes there's no incentive for underage people to drink at a lower risk level is your estate for two drinks per eighty regardless of how you act because it's that agent uses the problem is that you're 18 you had two beers here getting cited are we going to jails there's no incentive to drink at the lowest level okay so this is John provide incentive for that while raising the cost for Accenture okay so the proposal then is to really give somebody a reason not to drink that have just yes or no right now if there's a graduated a deal over time I'd very interesting okay and you're going to propose this your you're putting this out for a policy hopefully be enacted yes alright. 

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