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The best I have a joke so I'm the world health organization recently just said that there's more people overweight and obese in this world now than underway there is a huge problem think so what's affected this weight over the last  years I broke it up into four different pockets if you will food heavily building composition take first so we really there's definitely genetic susceptibility a genetic predisposition both environmentally and how were born will talk about that briefly cut I think that really gives some inroads into treatment because the matter what we do there may be factors physiologically in genetic that are preventing us from losing weight in maybe I am influential in gateway regaining weight after we lose weight we'll talk about that but basically we’re there's a sedentary um lifestyle with regard to energy expenditure in energy intake and with regards to up food consumption you're going to see this couple times throughout we can talk about the left hand side initially so everything we can take in has to be three things protein carbohydrate and fat was the only three macro-nutrients everything we put in our mouth has to be their protein carbohydrate a fat also alcohol in some individuals consumer mature consumer a quite a abundance of calories and remember alcohol if we have extra adipose is empty calories it goes right to fat industry work all protein has four calories per gram carbohydrate is also four calories per gram but fat is nine calories per gram so is double the amount of calories per gram that's why with regards to any type diets really we try to decrease.

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