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jani sona

I'm Nissan meditation hands yes you can home get in touch with major markets I is St what is stuck on my YouTube channel in St on est. I'm you in they you hooky please tell if your intent home um I think personally my intent is to just enjoy um the expansion of happiness every day and um and enjoy the adventure of life been all that that brings and um then with my working with him doing I'll teaching transcendental meditation to um underserved populations and so primarily am passionate about working with young women and girls in terms of staying was told to really empower them to live their I'm let their full potential and be the incredible strong beautiful young women that they are me and help me find him so with the David Lynch foundation it and state David Lynch foundation .org I'm same thing on Twitter and a and all as well Frank you so and wrong Gary oh my intention arose spontaneously right just found out that I had untreatable deadly cancer when I was 23 and then suddenly up two days later other does not tell you not heard his voice in my mind loud and clear and it said about my guru it passed away up so few months earlier and this place that he loved you so much to so not be wasted and the next so I did come up this is what you talking bout with intentional next slaughter kid well which wasn't me thinking the Louis who but that's a lot worse than I wanted to share his gift this incredible lows that we all carry deep inside of us share with people but that is something we can access that you can awaken in us and that's what I do today still soothing has changed in four years and though you can reach me at mentoring this from Geary dot com beautiful thank you and parents here in10 leave so I my personal intent I have to say is to realize the incredible abundance that already exists within my life that know already exists on the abundant so who love and complained and friendship and my intent for my website is verisimilar it's really too promote honest and come passionate human interaction into is city centre 40 and down you can find me at Urban spiritual dot word if you just type in urban spiritual onto Google all of my stuff will come up create well thank you everyone my intent done is to help people share their stories and wean learn from each other's wisdom and I won it thank you all for being on this panel I would mean by a I love you on to do anything about home but also and the field but email me and let me know because I would love to invite you to blog on our site this well.

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