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The ground reading focusing on their breath nice and strong surfboard really pressed through stretch it out excellent job all  to said down think both knees to the ground has come in front doing a little by chatter on so there two is hand right meet the show yes I did your chest slowly inhale in all our so you should be Hungary with the tops of your arms almost parallel to the ground now slowly drop down don't polish belly button just of or whole homes now chart sky shocked me right now gently it away from the ground Tierney straightened lift your tail should the sky this is modified version down the hall all going to be a leader in the workout straightening up the legs working those heels in the ground if you're not that flexible which I’m not can bend the knees a little as long as you keep in touch to the sky passing away from the earth take a deep breath and let bring up any step top formats arms up back extension and seal in-house were ready to work out okay step back in the Crescent pose take a moment to really by your positioning here VGB just to put the parts sinking downs that your front leg is parallel to the ground ball in the back butt lift the quad arms shoe the guy look up but out and down she inhale Excel block power moving through these poses you know what I love about you all the box retraining body weight training Inc Fast way to get lead to get you wet but we have to throw some movement have to be more dynamic in order to get.

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