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Then slowly filed flowered relaxed ahead and shoulders and take a couple who really deep breath of instead of just folding down to the leg try and reach your body following out over the land so the top of the head reaches toward your flight and up way and then meet with a chance comeback up said Inc and relief okay let's get that on the other side left leg stretcher forward mobile right foot bring it in and again it to get your body squared over the front leg you almost need to take a little bit of twist flex at front foot and push the back of the knee down that can engage all the muscles in ale to protect any again grab on wherever is comfortable to you taken nice in hell to link spun and then falls fluoride as far and is comfortable to you again no one cares how far down you know what we do you care about is that you’re able to breed here you for your able to release tension here of relax your forehead relaxed exile intake deep smooth graphics well in it to Brandt Get deepening the bunny each time you brings up and then leave with the chest and come on the way up to setting now just sit with your legs crossed comfortably set up nice and tall so we're going to do final twist to just get the kinks out to take.

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