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The shot in real time is no editing here is no matrix stuff here the is no matrix stuff here alright seated position cross-legged shakeout the arms sitting nice Intel feel the hips open let’s take the arms up with the inhale sidebands long stretch stretching you can use be alright one more time each side long arms press at opposite hit the way can look up to their arm if you like police remand it says I make sure I have that DVD and download at my store which should be above here's actually filmed about  yards over there by the lake believe that for the valley Gators so check out my store get that down low get that DVD its won many awards including Best Male workout from Pilates style magazine I bring the hands-down little twist and one other cyber very thorough today good stuff for more time arms up palms together the hands come down feel your chest lift feel your chin talk a little bit home now must stay my friends thank you so much for joining me good fun workout we could do anywhere I love to be able to learn these moves to incorporate them into my own workout in and then show you also so we can all just do it together and live in happiness and harmony John Big John Big Finish dot com checkout the website join me on my Face book page daily updates three workouts my podcast is on my webpage I got also to such as check it out I love to hear from you can email me on my website John big business dot coma pleasure as always Master day an.

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