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  • Overview

    Zinc oxide arrester integrated tester is a dedicated instrument for detecting electrical performance of zinc oxide arresters such as power stations, substations. It is possible to accurately stabilize the parameters such as the arrester resistance current and the monitor counter action in the device operating state, and the monitor current table can also be verified. The instrument is small, lightweight, and is fully functional, which is an ideal zinc oxide arrester characteristic measuring instrument. The instrument can be measured wirelessly or wirelessly, and the wireless transmission distance can reach more than 1000 meters, which greatly facilitates the various measurement operations on large substation.

     The entire device is simple, easy to use, and the full process of measurement is completed by central processor intelligent control, and the 8-inch large full touch color liquid crystal display can clearly display voltage and current true waveform. The instrument uses digital waveform analysis techniques, using software anti-interference methods such as harmonic analysis and digital filtering makes measurements more accurate and stable, accurately analyzes the amount of base waves and 3 to 11 harmonics, and can overcome the interference effect, Correctly measure the resistance current of the arrester; thereby facilitating the staff in time to find hazardous defects such as moisture and valve aging in the zinc oxide arrester.


    Use conditions                - 20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
    Charging power supply AC                   220V ± 10%
    PT reference voltage input range                    0 ~ 300V
    Voltage channel input resistance                 =150KO (with a fuse)
    PT reference voltage measurement accuracy                 ± (2% reading + 0.5V)
    Current input measurement range                   0 ~ 20mA
    Current wave measurement accuracy              ± (2% reading + 5ua)
    Current harmonic measurement accuracy                ± (5% reading + 10ua)
    Current channel input resistance                  = 1O
    Electric field strength measurement range            30kv / m ~ 300kv / m
    Electric field strength measurement accuracy                  ± 10% reading
    Monitor action                  0 ~ 99 times
    8 / 20US impact current                   =50ap
    Current table verification range                    0 ~ 10mA
    Current table verification accuracy                   ± (2% reading + 5ua)
    Measuring resolution

    Voltage                   0.001V

    Current                     0.001mA

    angle                  0.001 °

    Battery working hoursHost 8 hours, voltage sampling box 12 hours
    Wireless transmission distanceMore than 1000 meters (empty no blocked)
    Relative humidityRH <80%
    Host external dimensions320 (L) × 270 (W) × 140 (h)
    Hand holding head180 (L) × 120 (W) × 80 (H)
    Host weight4kg (without wire)

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