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Battery Charging and Discharging Instrument

Product description:

UPS is the most fundamental guarantee for equipment and network systems with increasing informatization and automation. For AC and DC UPS systems, batteries are extremely important as emergency power sources. Some batteries fail prematurely due to poor materials or structures, process defects, improper use, etc. The tester can be used as a discharging load. In the online mode, it can discharge with a set constant current through continuous control of the discharge current.

Operating conditions


Forced air cooling


Operating temperature: -5~50?; storage temperature: -40~70?


Relative humidity: 0~90% (40±2?)


Rated altitude: 4,000 m



Battery charging and discharging instrument Technical index:

Operating power supply


In the case of a 48 V charger: single-phase three-wire system; 220V AC (–20%~+30%); frequency: 45~65Hz

In the case of a 110 V charger: three-phase three-wire system; 380 VAC (–20%~+30%); frequency: 45~65Hz

In the case of a 220 V charger: three-phase three-wire system; 380 VAC (–20%~+30%); frequency: 45~65Hz

Withstand voltage test

Input--casing: 2200Vdc 1min

Input--output: 2200Vdc 1min

Output--casing: 700Vdc 1min


Compliance line with EN610950

Common faults and methods:



The buzzer sounds when the discharge cable is being connected.

The discharge cable is inversely connected.


The discharge current is normal; the voltage does not drop.

The battery pack is not separated from the system.


The discharge current is out of control.

Inspect and make sure the internal and external current sensors are correct.


1. LCD screen display, full Chinese menu prompts, easy operation, high degree of intelligence, voltage, current, time, capacity and other parameters can be set, and various parameters of the battery pack can be tested and monitored automatically.

2. Real-time online monitoring function: real-time online monitoring and display of all test data: current, battery pack voltage, single battery voltage, time, capacity, etc., while storing and transmitting the data to a PC, displaying and printing various charts.

3. Automatic discharge and charge function: set the discharge/charge current, time length, capacity and the high limit and low limit of its voltage, and the discharge and charging process can be cycled once.

4. Battery activation function: set the number of charging cycles to activate the battery pack.

5. Automatic shutdown function: Automatically stop discharging/charging when any of the following conditions are met: time is up, capacity is up, single battery protection voltage is reached, and the entire battery protection voltage is reached.

6. Protection function: If an abnormal voltage occurs, it will automatically stop charging or discharging.

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