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Call +27710360945 Hydrogel butt injections are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures
that make the posterior area more substantial…in a good way. The main
components of the injection solution are water and polyacrylamide.
Once the solution enters the body, the polyacrylamide acts as a filler
to add to the size of the butt and give patients a more shapely
silhouette. The effects of these injections are impermanent – they
disappear after about eighteen months.
The literal and figurative price of hydrogel butt injections can be
astounding. One cubic centimeter (cc) of hydrogel is priced at three
to five hundred dollars. A butt injection uses hundreds of cc’s which
makes the total amount to be spent quite high.
Hydrogel can increase or change the size of these areas:
1. Upper buttock
2. Middle buttock
3. Lower buttock
4. Hip expansion
5. Outer thighs
simple to use .
Price list below.
$700 for 500cc
$1000 for 750cc
$1200 for 1000cc
$2100 for 2500cc
We have available a full hydrogel butt augmentation
(injections) kit for sale. Call PROF MUKOKO (+27710360945)
This kit comes along with a user manual which your doctor can follow
to administer the vial (Hydrophilic Polyacrylamide) for total
Buttocks injections are a great option for anyone looking for more
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