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It's so easy to use this service.

If you live or work anywhere in the area between Yanchep and Busselton in WA then you can come to 
akitabrickandcementtools.com.au, fill your shopping basket in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. 
There is no obligation to pay before you see the goods.
All of the products sourced by 
akitabrickandcementtools.com.au are familiar, reputable brands
with a level of quality already established in the market place. 

Follow the prompts to check out and process your order.
We will contact you within 24 hrs and arrange delivery with you.
Payment can be made by cash, eftpos or master and visa when the goods are delivered to you.


Who are we
Akita Brick and Cement Tools was established in September 2004 by Brendan Boyd, who decided that mobile retail was the future for the busy tradesman of the 21st century, where service could be taken to the next level.

A good selection of quality and value for money tools and equipment delivered free to a place of your choosing, whether it be to your home on a rainy day or the job site direct. With mobile EFTPOS and credit card facilities in the vans organizing payment is a breeze 

All the products offered by  Akita Brick and Cement Tools are expected to pass a level of quality required by us to ensure our customers get value for money. 
Any negative feedback on a product we sell is taken very seriously.

At this point in time mobile retail in the bricklaying and paving trades is the only service offered but in the near future we expect to expand into servicing, repairs. Also expanding into the  other trades of the building industry.
We believe customer satisfaction is the key to success of any business, So at  Akita Brick and Cement Tools we strive to provide the optimum in customer service.

So have a look around. If you would like to order something fill your cart, fill in the delivery information and we will contact you to let you know we have received your order and arrange delivery and payment.