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rating 5/5 Date: 30/03/2014
Hi,Being an Arab Canadian, who's lived in Canada for most of my life I will gladly tell you that this was true back in 2005 or so but not any more (the part about gvinig away passports). In fact the Canadian government now is so on point with whom they offer citizenship for and they have taken away the passports of thousands of Canadian families.Living here my entire life, I would not trade it for any other country, Arab or non. The respect Canada has to offer for people is not seen anywhere in the Arab world, and I say this from experience. The way I have seen Arabs being treated in the Arab world is beyond humiliating, not only so but the treatment of foreigners specifically those coming from South East Asia is beyond me.Other than that, I found this article quite hilarious and it is true to an extent *Two thumbs up*P.S. anyone who thinks Canada is going to be the ultimate dreamland, you are mistaken. If a young boy who just graduated from university somewhere in the Middle East (count the American universities you all pay $$$$$ to study at) and came to Canada thinking he will get a job right away then he is mistaken, it makes me laugh so hard at the portrayal of Canada in the minds of many Arabs.

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