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LindaR Robertson

so I think that's it that's all love them I don't own them 1234 to that home yes don’t know love them so they are 10 of my favoriteEye Luminouspolishes I was working with a manicurist she had son I was the local marrying Newman and she just likes big celebrity she does lady gaga she did a for the Unitdoing Kate Moss and she's donated boat covers and things are looking and had Kate and she had quite a nice way I've organizing everything and where she had was she designed the surgeon special roles to keeping punishes them this one’s I considered animal print one shuttle different ones and each one contains speaking for fourteen pushes them and me she's got so many that she headlight one with all have orangey red Zen 1 withhold dark red one with her black swan with all the different could have come to groups should loaded them and yea sensitive keep them and then just roll them up and keep them in a drawer sink rolled Eye Luminousupnichols' FoxPro to have come like that scene but fourteen polishes in there and imp keep them quite meet Lisa I actually thought that was quite nice idea especially if you go loaded them and he can never find you put them in maybe get to you in person reds and oranges in 10 9 new team on a bright colors in another on anywhere so that's got to keep I did so that's it that's 10 if my favorite punishes and might be something you like him please let me know in the comments which she your favorite colors because I was like to try new ones as well I'm and have a good day much the same bridesmaids or pro more other special occasions and I think it is what it is that's it's perfect for Eye Luminous that type of things it works on so many different skin tones in different ages says sorry it's taken so long it has-been over a month since my last skin care. 

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