Travel Inventory Management

Travel Inventory Management

Travel Inventory management is by far one of the most labour-intensive part of travel company operations. Time-consuming and fragmented across various suppliers and travel services, it is less efficient and transparent when done manually.

One Inventory is a modular platform that gives you flexibility to integrate the components you need with your existing systems. You can make a solution that best meets your requirements and streamlines your end-to-end business operations.

TripFro, create and deliver the personalized Travel Reservation Software for travel agent which give adaptable reservation and inventory management for flights, hotels, cars in real time.

TripFro Inventory Management software simplifies everything about travel inventory and allows it under your complete control via automation. By using our Inventory Management software, Create and publish your detailed product descriptions in several languages, enrich them with high-quality pictures add services and location-specific information. 

Travel Inventory Management Systems Used by Travel Agencies:

The travel inventory systems used by travel agencies are different and unique from other sorts of companies like wholesale or retailers. If you own a travel agency you want to connect your agency with a wide range of global travel inventories.

The travel inventory management system refers to the process by which you can track the number of products or services you have available for sale. Suitable travel inventory management systems allow you to decrease the chances of getting stock out or overstocked.

Our Travel inventory management software for travel businesses allows quickly places their contracts and affordable prices for hotels, transfers, tours, flights, and activities in an organized manner. Our travel inventory management software comes with benefits for the travel business and keeps track of your available offers at all times.

Have a quick time managing allotments and schedules due to the best visibility. By using TripFro Travel Inventory Management Software, you can expand data management capabilities, download price and availability information from Inventory or upload it from external resources. 

Manage your own and contracted inventory all from a single system

Bring your offline suppliers online by easily adding their offers to inventory

Manage availability of your travel products

Cut your manual paperwork and boost productivity

Extend your sales channels globally

Minimize time-to-market for your product offering

TripFro Travel Inventory Management System Features:

Increase information transparency You will be able to track and control your travel inventory as it moves from your suppliers to your landing platform and to your distribution channels (partners, clients or other GDS)

Increase operational efficiency Manage your product inventory and live availability with different advanced pricing schemes and structures

Support inventory planning and optimise inventory levels Enable business to efficiently manage product inventory, stock levels as well as accurately refilling stock allocation

Provide business an insightful of their entire inventory visibility with decision making facilitation

Built-in automated Stock-Transfer function with smart ratio configurations

Smart Inventory and stock level alerts facilitated by the automated backend process and allocation rules

Smart notifications to suppliers with auto-request supply orders

Smart promotional instruments with discounts master rate setting, commission level setup, priority displaying and expiration controlling.

Itinerary Creation

Dynamic Packaging (flight, hotel, tour, Transfer in one package)

Flight Quotation

Hotel Quotation

Tour Quotation

Activity Quotation

Manage online booking

Multilanguage and Multi-Currency.


Mobile-friendly Design

How can you manage the inventory systems in travel agencies?

The travel inventory management systems used in travel agencies are now much more updated and automated. In a travel agency, the inventory management system is quite difficult because there are third-party resources included in the process. Always remaining up-to-date connectivity with global travel product distributors will assist you to keep a well-managed stock.

Easily manage all your content, contracts, allotments, pricing and packaging with connectivity to providing IT systems.

Single or multi-site implementations with a single solution – buy once and use everywhere.

Multicurrency and multilingual functionality on both front-end and back-end portals.

Manual and automated workflows let you set the balance between control and efficiency.

Multi tax, set up your own taxes and decide where they should apply.

Flexible and modular, so you can scale the platform to your business needs.

Who offers best Travel Itinerary Creation Software?

When it comes to travel management system, choose from a wide range of division like choosing your accommodation type, book the mode of transport, choose the location of your travel and claim the leftover money for other purposes in the enduring type section, in short we handle all your business travel management effectively.

As a travel agency, inventory management assists in keeping track and prevents overbooking. Feeding the system with the correct data helps you make direct connections via API, and a great travel agency will take care of the business inventory.

Inventory management is an umbrella concept that involves understanding, overseeing and controlling your hotel’s room inventory

Effective inventory management for hotels involves both creating and managing demand, and maximising returns

A comprehensive inventory strategy should encompass accurate forecasting and smart segmenting

Distressed inventory refers to hotel rooms that are not expected to be sold at full price

Inventory can become distressed for a number of reasons, but the most common is cancellations in close proximity to the arrival date

A pooled inventory model means you can sell all your rooms on all channels at the same time, as opposed to splitting your inventory and allocating a certain number of rooms to each channel you connect to

There are many technology systems that can help you manage your inventory

A channel manager and revenue management system are two of the most powerful assets

TripFro provides benefits for Travel Inventory Management:

Defining property, room types, property amenities, room amenities etc.

Upload photos of the property, rooms and amenities

Configure room types and room allocation for selling online

Pre-mapped with Trip advisor hotel data for reviews integration

Periodic rate configuration for different seasons, events, festivals etc.

Rates can be defined specific to the nationality of your customer

Enterprise CRS for Hotels along with rate management using rate code

Set up promotion/ offers for a specific period with exception criteria

Criteria includes % off, fixed discounts, free nights and value added promotions

Set up different policies by providing their respective details and apply different parameters

Policies include payment policies, cancellation policies, tax policy, child policy, property policies with terms & conditions

User can easily manage various details for their hotel property

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