Online B2B Travel Portal

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Online B2B Travel Portal

FlightsLogic is a leading B2B travel agency portal. Popularly known as FlightsLogic, it is an established Travel Technology company, FlightsLogic is the best Online B2B Travel Portal development, helping travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies deal with the growing online booking customers. Being in the industry for years has made us face the growing demands of the B2B Travel Portal in the industry. 

While B2C portals may be able to accommodate smaller travel needs, such as booking domestic airlines, buses, and trains, they are not always the best option for booking international tickets. In these cases, it is common for travel agents to seek out reputable B2B portals that can give professional assistance with booking tickets and other services.

They provide Domestic & International air tickets, hotel accommodation booking services, car rental, cruise services and many more. The company conjointly arranges airport transfers, sightseeing tours, and excursions in the world, as well as provides packages for incentive travel and conferences to corporate clients. It services wholesale, business and corporate travel clients.

Maximize Your Earning with Online B2B Travel Portal:

FlightsLogic, with deals for seemingly every need of travellers, is a one-stop shop for travel businesses. With the best inventory ever in the world, competitive prices, and cutting edge technology, we make sure our partners can get the best deals from the comfort of their offices.

Having an online B2B travel portal is crucial for any travel agent. While many B2C companies offer attractive cashback and discounts for booking flights and other travel-related services online through their platforms, their inflexible cancellation and refund policies make them unsuitable for travel agents.

The easy to use admin panel and dashboard allow you to easily upload all your details and, of course, it will be presented to your customers most attractively. We aim to develop travel platforms and solutions that enable businesses to create the best use of the internet. Using the B2B travel booking portal, your customers will not be able to book hotels and cars, they will also be able to book flights, buses, holiday packages, and every other travel necessity.

Which is the Best Online B2B Travel Portal?

FlightsLogic is the best B2B Travel Portal Development that gives the best Online B2B Travel Portal with third-party API Integration of flight booking and hotel booking for the travel agent. Our experienced travel professionals develop advanced features for the B2B Booking Engine, such as Hotel, Tour, Package, and Visa that enable you to upload your own contracted products, integrate with third-party suppliers, adjust pricing and mark-up at runtime, generate agent-wise reports, map banners, incorporate business rules and easily take an insight into business sales.

A B2B travel portal is all about providing businesses to travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies and, in short, business experts. We believe without a customized travel portal; you would not be able to attract industry experts. This is why we always present a comprehensive travel portal for the travel service producers, travel service resellers, and travel institutions, so that you can serve your clients with the best service at highly affordable deals.

We always implement a flexible backend development system to support all the mandatory actions that a travel agent needs to do business. On the b2b travel portal, you will get full control by creating sub-agent logins, monitoring bookings, cancellations, adding a mark-up, checking daily bookings made, cancellations and much more.

Which are the best features of a B2B Travel Portal:

Maximum Commission More Profit for you

Ultra-fast fare search and comparison with built-in Analytics

Instant PNR Confirmation to you and your customer

Book Domestic and International Tickets

The more you book, the more you earn, the more a point-based Membership Rewards Program.

Anywhere to Anywhere Bus Route - Bus Tickets with attractive Commission

Visa Processing Services - International Experience in Visa Processing

Payment Processing - Pay your and your customer's utility/phone bills online

Easy Accounting for your transactions

Invoicing & Reporting - Customize Invoices and Reports for your needs

News and airport delays are provided in real time and that can pose a significant travel impact for travellers via a ticker.

Access to up-to-date travel information for safe and informed business travel

Access to all traveller itineraries and invoices

Customized travel program information including travel policy and preferred vendors

Travel management reporting for select staff

Easy integration with online booking and profiling

City/airport guides, health/safety information and weather information

Benefits of Online B2B Travel Portal:

Automatic Booking and Confirmation

The B2B travel portals can save research and confirmation time simultaneously. Every hotel reservation or car rental usually takes time and paperwork. 


The cost is determined by a variety of criteria, and changing the dates or the type of window view in the hotel room can result in a price reduction of up to double. The capacity to manage a journey in real-time and construct several variants results in a cost-effective business solution.

Reduced Cost of Maintenance

It is too hasty for the customer to visit a travel agency and wait for the travel agent to show them your full package of routes with which you can request them. In the age of smartphones, where everything is at your fingertips, you have just a few clicks for the warning and visit.

Booking Administration

B2B’s travel website is flexible and supports agencies and agencies to reserve the best hotels or tickets within minutes. All possible options, better dates, and comfortable client flying stops are analysed on those platforms.

Support for Customers

The customers have access to the website in real-time and can see any travel planning decisions. For the b2b travel software business, it is an essential option as it helps build reciprocal relationships with clients and other organizations.

Advance Self-Convert Currency

Automatically convert transactions from currency set for your account to local currency for deals in different geographies.

Better Safety with Flexibility

Not only will better safety be provided for you. This, however, also gives users, suppliers and agents much better flexibility to activate and deactivate their business.

Manage the Language of Account

Set your entire organization’s account language or make changes based on your preferences to your individual user account.

Why choosing FlightsLogic?

FlightsLogic ensures that the B2B travel portal is customized with custom functionalities, an inbuilt accounting and reporting system as well as various inventories integrated into the portal. The attractive looks and easy to surf functionalities help our clients with attracting customers and turn them into customers.

The b2b agent booking portal platform developed by FlightsLogic not only increases the travel service providing the experience of travel agents and travel consolidators, but also helps them to seamlessly distribute the inventories to sub-agents.

We give GDS/third party API Integration for all our b2b hotel booking software, flight booking portal, and car booking services. Our B2B travel portal can be utilized by tour operators, corporate travel companies, B2B travel consolidators, and empowers companies to supply a fully loaded online travel booking to customers.

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