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Best Tips for Students While Writing an Essay

Write Introduction at the End

Always start by writing the body paragraphs, then move towards the introduction and conclusion. In this way, it will be easier for you to summarize everything that you have written. Your reader should get a gist of what you have written in the essay by reading the introduction. By writing the introduction first, you might fail to include all the points that you will be writing in the essay.

Focus on “How.”

Essay Kitchen answers the question of “How” stands out the most. It is because you will be explaining “How are you the best candidate for the job”. In the same way, your essay should be more focused on “how”, rather than on “what” and “why”. By taking this course, you will have much material to write about. People often get stuck in what and why, due to the narrow scope. It will widen your scope and will help you in giving your argument. 

Paragraph length

It is one of the most useful tips that you should keep in mind while writing an essay. If you haven’t time for writing, just order essays. Always keep the paragraphs short and of equal length. There should be only one key point in one paragraph. The rest of the sentences will be there to support the protagonist of the sentences. In this way, you will not diverge from the argument. You will also help the reader to wade easily through the text instead than offering him a convoluted, unbroken piece of text. Try to stick between four to seven sentences. This number is enough for you to write a topic sentence and add supporting points to strengthen your stance.

Fix at the End!

You do not have to be afraid and dive into the struggle of writing proper English right away. Give yourself room to jump around. You can make corrections to your text in the later phases of reviewing, proofreading, and editing after your freedom-to-write episode. It is necessary to write freely so that your creative brain juices keep flowing. If you want to see the results of this trick, then check out  service which can do my assignment for me uk. Some excellent pieces of writing present on the site will show you the necessity to write without restrictions and fixing errors afterwards.


By reading these tips, the time is finally ripe for you to write an exemplary essay. Try to keep those sentences short and to the point. Your paragraphs should never convey different meanings at the same time. Save one idea for a single paragraph. Try to use the five-sentence approach as often as you can. It will help you in building a skeleton for your essay. You will be amazed by the results. Your reader will not only observe flow and coherence but will also be pleased by the multiplicity of pieces of evidence that you provide to support a point.

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