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Them this is my knees are thank you that's adorable came through picture and that is how because the big to affect the entire yeah the day after I have however but I have I’m this is my backroom okay fair yeah and that so I wash my face with it I moisturizer lips makeup remover pee-match what doesn't it do it going like that thing and this one is organic and have I'm refined are yeah virgin as a smaller coconuts as that's a key indicator that Coke and I’ll that often arm often the its liquefied hey I me I refined coconut demonizing snow Orinoco guys and I think it was a day I we meet run into an episode on this coming up on are

the uses okay oh yeah that's right one in the kitchen one in the bedroom 1 bathroom morning and more fat I have okay with I can't think I yeah right $10.00 $10.00 I I'm that the actually first time I ever got it was when you told me by herself oh yeah the and how you liking that I am loving it kids to ask have you had any a what's up with that happened to so that's why I said which is also something I learned I when I was doing with my daughters eczema I got rid of all that anything that even sound healthy as easy as healthy line detergent has essential oils but it was still causing issues self so easy for that is that if I much yeah of

the slush more in the morning advises parents and I find it very thick that awesome like he is it a night to wash my face although I hang on yes the army's so goes here actually ended up when I brought I buy I but TGIF yeah and that his wits for cleaning for everything about it it's me and my third I have beauty products is out there I okay yeah totally and I the toner so after I wash my face is my hope that’ll and sometimes I say he's a actively yeah aspirate I after as her and yes those are my top three is really hard exhale it's not hard to take because he probably is plagued us those products and it's a liberating because I mean Is-ere easily I'm going to. 

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