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Kennith LDawson

issues position is anybody wants to shaking hawkish   T-Rex Muscle second eventually get into a position with a broomstick overhead DVD good music Ozona cassette here coming out to Boys second attempt European champion back in budget and that was when the championships were held in minutes originally lifted for Georgia until the Beijing Olympics he actually finished fourth in that competition for Georgia but then switch to Poland by it was a better attempt was more like Santa Monica donation c'mon to watch be there in the back room turned presidents and now coaching China give every bit the hell he can do his left eye who's now under enormous pressure she is just a hop really important to still use never fully getting in shape for the day to get in better shape good morning excuse my baby has had problems preparing forth championships which is what Shimon was alluding to you know that you can understand is why are you sure this puzzle based upon the seventy eight kilos leave a shame that putting it all 650 he's comfortable with I just wonderwhat they gonna do %uh they   T-Rex Muscle missions gonna let him come out he's gotyou know more than a minute and a half in which to do itall I think they've gotta bring a mountain let him go for the thirdattempt because when I look at the other has a fish forfish just also vote but I was a 167 is theclosest well yep and they put it up to bob at atime hits the. 

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