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Workout this is an excellent time to stretch your body and stretch your mind in fact stretch your arms are per out and what air come into your body and soul and fill it up with joy in fact let’s lighten up our spirits with have a good giggle or an unruly tackle Natural Health magazine for their return you giggle or laugh you're improving your natural defenses against disease in a study examining the effective laughter on immunity students watched Richard Pryor video for half an hour they were found to have stronger immune responses after watching the video in fact laughter actions want to go over the body parts were been talking about all along make sure everybody knows where they are so the muscles involved people were taken any classes really learn everything they need to know about bodybuilding as far as what muscles are there and what they need to work and by building this ties in exercises with developing those muscles no starting at repeat we have calf muscles day in there compose a bunch of different muscles if the to be Alice in the front shins you're running for example you're not used to it may get shit what's called shin splints Neuro3x it's a spasm in the spinal muscle back to the captors the called the gastric need we call this thinner headed the cap the outer had the cap in there's different exercises we do for each area different ways above working them in the prize basically our the frontal prize are called quadriceps because its forehead muscle actually you can see three heads 123 there's another head only the back part of the by bike really good like that is called the hamstring hamstrings more like bicep its biceps because there's to hear 2.2 out ahead in your head rumors about you fibers running up the side.

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