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Starting a healthy habit and adhering to it requires a lot pf perseverance and commitment. And even more difficult if it involves lifestyle changes. But nevertheless, it's not an impossible task to achieve.

The first step towards building a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthier. It all depends on making the right choices, pay attention to what your body needs.

Here are a few basic tips to help you eat healthier:

‚¬ Stop calculating calories and portion sizes and start including color, variety and freshness in your diet. You can make it a point to have a bowlful of salad with your meal every day.

‚¬ Make small changes to your usual recipes day by day, add healthy alternatives as ingredients. For example, choose olive oil over butter for cooking.

‚¬ Switching to a new diet plan overnight isn't always a realistic goal and generally collapses over the long-term

‚¬ Jumpstart your day with a healthy breakfast and eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of having three large meals a day. It helps boost your energy levels and improve your metabolism.


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