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With your elbows to drop all movement directly from the Middle is zero in on your rear delta then this is the isolation movement you want because you're standing in an unusual position strict proper form is even more critical than ever so let's get it right go light on YACOON ROOT MAX the way to the beginning to make sure you're going to get the fall extension and a recruiting the right muscle fibers stand holding a light weight dumbbell each and with your palms facing each other  your hips keeping your back slightly arched at all times in your knees back in this start position your back should be horizontal to the floor not rounded at all with your knees bent for better balance one thing if you find holding this position tough on the back of your hamstrings or on your lower back then lie face down and a high bench or reversed an incline bench with your arms fully extended down and proceed just as you would standing okay now that you're in a stable position with your arms hanging down perpendicular to your torso inhale hold your breath and rations straight hours out each side and upward as high as possible exhale as you return your arms to YACOON ROOT MAX the initial position pause for a moment then repeat into wraps see how is keeping his arms in line with the shoulders that's perfect and you can keep a slight bending your elbows as long as you're upper arm stay in line with your shoulders here's a few ways to laser target particular muscle groups if you're aiming to develop your poster your start the exercise with rounded shoulders and raise your arms as high as you possibly can. 

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