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Imagine an exercise program that engages, enthralls and leaves you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with abundant energy. The Pilates method of conditioning does this and more!

Pilates uniquely combines stretching, breathing and movement control to slim the muscles and help the body develop sleekness. Also known as the thinking person's exercise, Pilates awakens your body awareness from the inside out. This enables the body to learn effective and balanced movement patterns, in turn improving posture, health and physical strength.

The Pilates exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates about 100 years ago. Born with asthma and other illnesses, Joseph Pilates was often sick. To overcome his frailties, he studied the human anatomy intensively and by the time he reached adolescence, he had taken up boxing, gymnastics and diving.

During World War I, he worked as an intern in a field hospital and developed a series of rehabilitative exercises for his bed-ridden patients. These were the badly injured soldiers of the war. He researched on various exercise techniques including yoga, gymnastics, skiing and weight training, and selected the most effective elements from each discipline. Eventually he developed Pilates - the perfectly balanced program for the mind and the body.


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