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- We specialise in design and decoration of ANY venue, whether it is customised to hold weddings and special events, or not. For example, we can start with an empty hall and turn it into a fairy tale castle fit for a Cinderella wedding! 

- When you choose us, we will take time to understand and interpret your dreams and wishes. We listen and we make your dreams come to life. With us, you will never have to worry about the end result – we guarantee that you will be happy! 

- The owner of the company is a professionally trained qualified artist with a large fine arts portfolio. Ourunique designs are guaranteed to take your breath away, impress your guests and leave lasting memories.

- We are pioneers and innovators in party and wedding design industry. We constantly change and look for new ideas and solutions to satisfy our customers and to deliver the best possible product on your special day. We look forward to make your celebration one of the most memorable in your life!

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rating 4/5 Date: 03/04/2013
First, good job Jeff for the NYT photo cred.I read the article and I can see where you are gentitg the “its too hard, just give up” vibe from it. It is hard, it’s a job. Locally for me while there are some evergreen things (like those mentioned in the story) that can be covered with stock, there are many things that can’t. I only wish that someone had an infinite supply of city council meeting members that I could tap into for free on flicker. And I still believe there is a market for people who make images that tell a story, Eich- who was quoted in the story, is a member of Luceo Images -a good example of a non-traditional path in the photography world that is an outlet for interesting and unique photo projects. With that said it does not mean that we can ignore the encroachment of people with cameras that are willing to take a photo and be paid in pennies, or nothing, as was demonstrated in a post on this site before Holi. I don’t have answers, if I did I’d be a millionaire- but it can’t hurt anyone to diversify your photo business options, be it shooting more stock on your own time and dime or becoming a part-time phlebotomist to help supplement your income until your photos can keep you floating on their own.

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