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We feel as a stretch that we all learned in gym class you know great know whatever I all it and then she lets traction and relaxed on the Blackline Elite sizes is kind of a um without going into the nerve response tough is trying to release tissue I would say I'm a tease is kind of looking at it from opposite side of the spectrum I'll I'm interested in how can you contract and I'm almost on the opposite side 11 like where people are feeling tightness my perspective might be more that they can't contract on the other side um in terms in I love friction nag and stretching tissue over and over Andover again you might get to a point t-rex muscle where tissue ask its purity um you know my worst population has trouble um getting deep tissue massage you know I mean we week I look at it you know everything our medical model a medical model in North America Isis intervention is the highest level saw adductor that can cut in do you like a surgeon is the top lip synching if you look down the road you say where is a muscle where is a muscle person said items of personal matter what level there at the lowest level to massage therapy is coming into use as a.

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