ECOES (Eco Environmental Solutions)

Sydney, NSW
1300 322 876

ECOES (Eco Environmental Solutions) is one of Australia’s fastest growing environmental service providers to the commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

We specialise in the design, implementation and ongoing management of Waste and Recycling programs, Water and Energy efficiency, Hygiene, Security, Safety and Facility Management services in your environment

As part of our strive for excellence, our commitment to the ecological environment, our clients and business objectives, ECOES has evolved to incorporate a diverse range of solutions that are both sustainable and economical.

ECOES not only ensures that the client benefits from reduced costs and sustainable outcomes, our solutions also deliver operational efficiencies. As the burden of contacting multiple service providers is consolidated, our client’s time can be spent increasing productivity. ECOES contractor management system allows us to implement services and manage our preferred contractors, or alternatively, ECOES can manage the client’s existing contractors ensuring optimum service levels with minimal fuss. ECOES excels at providing solutions that not only meet the requirement of every client; our one stop solutions simplify the issue resolution process by being the single point of contact for all services.

In today’s ever evolving ecological and business environments, the need for tailored solutions has never been more vital in maintaining relations with customers and employees alike. As customers become more inquisitive of environmental policies and procedures, employees expect that their workplace is operating as efficiently, as safely and as ergonomically efficient as possible.

Research shows that these key environmental elements not only provide long term customer and employee retention, they also provide a healthy workplace and a positive attitude, promoting increased efficiencies from the workforce.

This understanding allows ECOES to be both mindful of the changing political and public perception of the commercial impacts on the environment and the growing importance corporations are placing on social and environmental stewardship.

Our background and experience enables us to provide environmentally focused solutions with the expertise our clients have come to enjoy and expect from a company such as ECOES. ECOES is more than ‘just’ another service provider. ECOES develops partnerships and the subsequent provision of ongoing solutions, tailored to each customer’s unique commercial and environmental needs.

ECOES sources and delivers the following, and many other service aspects, all of which are managed under one roof;


Ø Comprehensive Waste Audits

Ø Landfill Diversion Strategies (AWT, Woodlawn, Renewable Energy Centres)

Ø Waste & Recycling Equipment (Compactors, Balers, Bins etc…)

Ø General Waste (Putrescible and Non Putrescible)

Ø Cardboard Recycling

Ø Paper Recycling

Ø Commingle Recycling

Ø Glass Recycling

Ø Organics Recycling

Ø Green Waste Recycling

Ø E-Waste Recycling (Including CRT Monitors)

Ø Cartridge Recycling

Ø CFL Recycling

Ø Secure Document Destruction Services (Certificate if Required)

Ø Secure Media Destruction Services (Certificate if Required)

Ø Construction Waste Recycling (Skip Bins)

Ø Grease Trap Services

Ø Specialty Liquid Waste Services (Oil Drums, Ink Residuals, Paints etc…)

Ø Specialty Waste Solutions (Asbestos, Fibro, Timber Pallets, Gas Canisters, White Goods etc…)


Ø Thermal Analysis

Ø Waste Water Solutions

Ø Solar Solutions

Ø Energy Management Systems


Ø Office Cleaning

Ø Dock Cleaning & Optimization

Ø Specialised Cleaning

Ø Ancillary Services


Ø Sanitation Services

Ø Soap Dispensers

Ø Hand Dryers

Ø Water Free Solutions


Ø Guard Patrols

Ø Static Guards

Ø Secure Entry Systems

Ø Facility Management


Ø Improvement Plans

Ø Policy Development

Ø SWP Development

Ø Risk Assessments

Ø JSEA Development

Ø Training Matrix

Ø Safety Training


Ø Tender Management

Ø Waste & Recycling

Ø Water & Energy

Ø Security Services

Ø Safety Strategies

Ø Policy Development

Ø Project Management

Ø Systems Integration

Ø Contractor Management Systems

Ø Environmental Audits

Ø Office Science & Ergonomics

Ø Green Star Rating

Ø NABERS Accreditation

Ø EPA Legislation

Our clients also benefit from consolidated invoicing (paperless if required), comprehensive environmental and financial reporting, e-communications and personal service.

ECOES clients include some of business’ most prolific leaders and together we develop best practice bespoke solutions, promoting environmental excellence in an ever changing society.

With representation across Australia, ECOES combines the benefits of our service portfolio to ensure that whether our client needs one recycling bin or an environmental overhaul, the search stops here.

"A healthy ecology is the basis for a healthy economy"

Claudine Schneider, U.S. Representative in ‘The Green Lifestyle Handbook: 1001 Ways to Heal the Earth’ written by Jeremy Rifkin. Published by Henry Holt & Co. 1990.

To find out more about ECOES contact us at : |T: 1300 322 876 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1300 322 876      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



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