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Having a day right a little too much and so I was thinking about why don't they should eat because I'm going to throw it up anyway and once you know you have that power and once you know you're able to do it doesn't go away like you're nevergonna forget that you know how to binge and purge now yes and that’s why I am so proud of you for saying something about it because you can get help before it gets too late 18 not hopeless it is so far from hopeless I'm totally rethinking your piece regal you wanted to be a lot number position P I'd much rather it be about a leap of faith and promises that you make yourself the to make you better so when you see your face regal is six not six pounds it just six days a week even take a leap said in your going to hit 1500 calories a day any each day you’re going to carve out a reward for yourself I don't care about them I don't care what the scale says every single week how would you feel about coming back tears on a tiny I just I just know it's to see from minute we need to be and you can get to help do you need SSLthat sounds great you know who better to happen Kb me through this little you 110 acquired isn’t he totally get I Hitchcock this is going to be difficult but I'm ready to take on the challenge and I'm ready to move forward immediate sissy because we had a big data a hi dangerous thinking times of Appeal everything Painted Hills so much I all how to pour been cruel war hero hopes the craziest game value per having chocolate truly am so proud.


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