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we have a great show today we have add can lease with me agree just ahead and yet ask is here from actually Saturday and we'll be talking about something really part with which I said to have kids yet hey I yeah you know this is I don't want to tell you but this prop iskinda like 10 years old but look it up ok size and yeah both yeah I get there when you factor last child yeah my last child that's how old this is it I to I got so he said we're going to get ready to the questions it has a great petition out and I'mgonna give the floor to Andrea to talk about what it is that is concerning her about century after the tampons Andrea and they give you the flyer thank you its I should be here finally nice to meet face to face I well 10 so much to say so we basically did so recently wrote a book and in the book that you want any she and buckwheat grouts we found out allot of interesting information in particular we found no at 7 hygiene pads and tampons don't have to be don’t have to fully disclose the company's on Oct only disclose the ingredients you can see the other Pakistani because  Slendera Garcinia Cambogia   I consider to be medical device so there is a legal loophole that exist back pretty much doesn't have to tell us what’s in the parts that were   Slendera Garcinia Cambogia  pretty on in on it into our bodies every single Sony decided to do was be decided to take that step further and say okay well Procter gamble or other companies got it tell us what's in the product we'regonna try and find out for ourselves to tell us about.


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