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Very famous study called seven countries study and it began in the nineteen fifties looking at over 16,000 man from sixteen cohorts around the world seven different countries from Greece to the US to create and what they were looking for where dietary components that were related to coronary heart disease and what you can see here is on the x-axis percent of calories coming from fat is related to the number of deaths duet coronary heart disease and this is a relationship with an Revalue point for about 40 percent and people in epidemiology where world would say that's a pretty good relationship if this line worst to rate and the relationship when perfect it would be one okay this is about 40 percent pretty good relationship but if you look at coronary heart disease man versus calories from saturated fat althea sudden you get a much stronger relationship eighty-four percent so these data suggest that there is a very strong relationship between heart disease and saturated fat intake and these data were corroborated by another huge study this was a twenty countries study now and mom the relationship was very strong between coronary heart disease and saturated fat intake and just anecdotally here you can see Japan on the very low and very low number historically deaths from heart disease and also a culture that historically consumed very few calories from saturated fat so this is a diet with lots of fishlotsa rice and lacked a vegetable now that was historically remember these are older data this was before you know there was at McDonalds all over Tokyo now let's look at the United States there we are at the top right lot saturated fat intake and lots of death due to coronary heart disease and this represents our diet here's New Zealand lot of beef that we consume a saturated fat and dairy products particularly cream and ice cream any am cheese and all that good stuff I'm saturated fat comes from land animals so when I just showed you with some really pretty convincing evidence starting from the 1950s to suggest that saturated fat was really the bad guy in the progression of heart disease what about obesity and weight gain while we also have very good evidence that comes from feeding studies.

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