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There it is but mister this they're still trying to reversed racket and see how and they haven't been able to do it the lot of people don't realize that the reason is called in here up corn is because that's the translation into the English that they had a here in there on time the mother spoke to them I love digital prints I’d dear TV_ viewers and friends welcome to another exciting episode of presidential talk where you get the lord about what’s happening in our campuses directly from campus presidents I’m your host one ninety at the and once again we are outside in the studio on location of one of our campuses today at the medical campus in the heart of the medical district of Miami dad county and we're joined by Safer Colon the president doctoral mama ferret walking to the show so was a pleasure to be here with you actually it's great to be here it’s great to get out of the studio you have a wonderful campus so that a lot of people know about the perhaps but nobody everything are happening here at the campus especially new developments what would begin by telling our viewers little bit about this uh... special campus uh... a wide-open how many students at served in many maybe some of the programs that are offered it the campus actually opened in nineteen seventy four and uh... since then we now have approximately twenty two different programs that we offer and one of the real interesting things since I've been here at this campus about uh... three years ago is set when I find very often is that individuals are not really aware of the treasures that we offer here uh... we've got uh... ever idea programs... endorsing withers tour three different entry forms to get into the program whether you're coming completing some or other programs you're transitioning into a very just coming in there are not directly at a high school but after having medal the ore-requisites will set the physician assistant program right now there is just incredible demand uh... for that particular type of job uh... as a matter of fact I said I’ll know what scandal Baptist board am also part of the medical committee and very often what I get from the physicians there that are running their own areas.


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