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The community what when I'm Connecticut this will party Connecticut is historically I'm very serve traditional bedroom community part in the state West port where I grew up as always this artist community which is sort of interesting arm tons of jazz musicians and theater people and writers and a so it had to be unique vibe to it and it was a very fun place to grow up plays recommitted to public things and a so I R really my nicer use good first group okay alright I'm and tell us what is Cardinal Health do hell if I know I'm yes ok so let me give you a dick the quick description carnal is arm we call ourselves to health services company but we do many things were large corporation put Republic traded we are now some around number 19 or 20 or 21 in a fortune 500 'me we are known by many as distribution company would be pharmaceutical distribution we do distribution medical-surgical supply is I'm lab equipment supplies many things that are used I'm trying hospitals and pharmacies and clinics and surgery centers all over the country but we actually a lot more than that we Raspberry Ketone Renew provide all kinds of services we work with oncologists to help them improve their efficiency their practices we help them arm analyzer undated to develop a week of clinical pathways when the area nuclear medicine where we compound radio isotopes that are used in cardiac imaging and Amanda diagnostic imaging we like to call this ours are melting ice cube business we actually have to compound is these products and get them essentially into the patient within about three hours because they’re radioactive isotopes arm very short half-life and so we're in that business we provide consulting services to hospitals and pharmacies to help them run their practices so we have a great number love service business with largest producers have surgical kits in the country.

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