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The beautiful thing about technology and capitalism we can make mistakes and not die okay in emergency medicine I have a very famous saying and I like this a lot stupidity is not a crime but it is punishable by death nature  judge and that's where our hunter-gatherer friends bit the dust it didn't really have anything to do with balance a long-term health benefits because there were older survivors and the fossil evidence others older survivors based on ligament us the passions bony assessment bone mineral density was they were extraordinarily robust the ha the tribe that was an Central Africa is on while a few pure hunter-gatherer tribes still lives as they originally did and they don't even recognize a childish until its survived three winners like just a psychologically protect themselves from the high infant mortality rate which also those two things which saw rescues Marxism my argent about why evolutionary nutritionist such a burn is that also you have a selection by is if you’re not good genetic material you're not going to make it beyond remains that way it is so the back is kind of learn in their favor just from a genetic predisposition because on you know as far as someone like me compared to your average Honda gallery did survive you know prior to quote for. 

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