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it to readers of testosterone and the structure manufactures synthetically and we use him in medicine for people have certain types of anemia is with different types of diseases the athlete unfortunately uses hormone drugs in order to enhance their growth and muscle their ability to retain watt nitrogen all these different elements that they retain I have to be quite truthful with you I'll use anabolic I’m not going to happen deny it because the all the other miss Olympic contender I feel that they are using it and I only use it for the back to reverse metabolic affects you know I don't use a ride to be a monster because I don't think Xtreme Antler monsters when there’s no way of stopping anyone from doing any action that they wish to do just like a diabetic likes to sneak chocolate cake should need to chocolate cake but they’re going to do anyway you're still take care them to try and manage your diabetes but I try and do is pick up the health problems and the athletes early enough before it becomes a fatal or a chronic serious injury I'm in the gym and......

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