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Great Water Storage Ideas

Simple and effective, storing water in a bladder is the new way to go. There are a number of ways that water, and even other liquids like diesel fuel and waste water can be stored, depending on what you are doing. Here we list a couple of examples.

Rainwater Collecting at Home

More and more people are using water tanks, even in residential areas to collect rainwater for either drinking or to help in the garden. However rainwater tanks can only be installed on level ground and take up a fair bit of space. This restricts some properties from installing a rain water tank or limits them to small amounts of storage. This is where a water storage bladder is of great use, as they are custom made to fit into any wasted building space. Anywhere around your house a person can get into, you can install a water storage bladder.

Water storage bladders are unique in that can be hidden away underneath decks, underneath stairwells and other building cavities. This means there is no ugly storage vessel that has to be made to fit in with your landscaping. Plus this opens up the potential to store a lot more water than you might otherwise be able to with a tradition rain water tank.

Temporary storage of water

When a pool has to be renovated, the water has to be drained first. At several thousand litres if you don't have anywhere to put this, is must be carted away or put down the drain. Then you will have to pay to refill the pool once renovations are completed.  With a water storage bladder you don't have too, this water can be stored onsite in a water storage bladder and then re-used once the pool needs filling.

The storage of water is not limited to pool water either. Potable water, like water that is collected in a rainwater tank, can also be safely stored.

Camping, boating and 4wding

A great Australian past time is 4wding, boating and camping. Get off the beaten track and far away from the city and relax. With a water bladder you can extend your duration, allowing you to stay longer and go further. Water storage bladders can also be made to store waste water such as grey water or sewage, or even made from special materials to store fuels like diesel or aviation fuel.

Unlike rigid canisters, water storage bladders are also made so they can fit in odd areas like foot wells, rear cargo areas and many places where a rigid canister would be awkward to place. Water storage bladders also only take up as much space as they are filled too. This means space is used more efficiently and there is no airspace in the container when partially filled. Better yet, when empty a water bladder can simply be rolled up and takes up even less space

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