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Safeties she was a brain surgeon yeah Lahey Clinic wonderfully train individuals so how I had checked this and you know when I’m walking down the hallway with the family members after I've evaluated mom and dad and they say to me you know happens what can I do so I don't end up like that I sit down I give them that pretty much the information that you and I are sharing right now I hand them a copy of grain brain and I say you've got to do this there you've got got got a start right now because that situation doesn't have to be your destiny you can rewrite your destiny can rewrite your book of life by paying attention to the gym again as said before this isn't a revolutionary shift in human nutritionist is absolutely getting back to what we think even for ninety-nine point nine percent over time on this planet the aberration is this new diet that alpha max focuses on low-fat high-crab and there is no for the no further literature these days up-to-date that is supported the facts as being helpful at all it's completely wrong I remember I now twenty years ago out there was down and a girl who read book about you know fat causing fact right you wanna go low-fat because high-fat of course im going to give me fat and would have to work that we have question signal your body with carbohydrates it’s the causes your pancreas to secrete an enzyme called insulin actually almost an insurance job is to make an store fat gas so exactly what you don't want when you’re fat and trying to lose weight yes and you want to lose weight the fact.

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