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I make a lot of goals that Tom force me to live up to that are that %ah value of mine and that's you know I don't want to let myself down I don't want to let other people while the back the part 2 we're going to be continuing to talk about hot muscle building ALPHA FUEL X  a fat burning foods and want to use anew analogy today in at a building a wall now our goal into build the longest and boxes while possible now the problems is that as we're building this wall there’s people who are trying to break it down at the same rate that we're trying to build it up now that can meet us at the exact same point so basically we're trying to build this wall which is the equivalent of our muscles and there's people trying to break built break that wall down which is the equivalent are our workouts so to make that while bigger we can think up just trying to make it faster than the people who are breaking it down or we can think of things to do to prevent those people from stripping it down so that's going to prevent ALPHA FUEL X  overall growth does that make sense so in today's video we are going to look at hot muscle building foods from out muscle breakdown standpoint foods that prevent muscle breakdown such as healthy fats fruits and vegetables ready get started: next let's highlight some fruits I like to get the ball cover my own fruits from raspberries blackberries Rob blueberries and I primarily because they're loaded in antioxidants they help reduce inflammation your body promote recovery and they just taste good too so they’re nice mix with your shakes I also need a lot about Apple's apples are loaded with vitamins and minerals also high in fiber they're very convenient so it's a great per-workout meal as well bananas are excellent for per workout meals are loaded in potassium is you know passing pools water into.



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