Moontime Diary

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moonti mediary

The Moontime Diary 2013 combines the solar calendar with the moon phases and positions. It has a weekly spread which contains valuable information for every day of the year. This makes it easy for you to access and experience the subtle influence the moon has on your health, home and garden.
The Moontime Diary 2013 features all the diary essentials plus
 It has daily and easy to integrate tips for the Art Of Timing
 It explains why and how the moon influences us
 Has many helpful tables to look up best times for health, home and gardening by the moon
 It has beautiful Illustrations full of symbolism
 Inspires you to set positive new moon intentions
 It displays daily moon phases and positions
 It has daily planetary aspects
 It features monthly planetary tables
 It shows Public Holidays, Pagan Observances
and seasonal markers
 A crystal cleansing and charging guide
 And much more
 Printed on 100% recycled paper it is the perfect gift