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Deborah MAparicio

So that's the community today now I'mgonna stop by using his prime which are discovered in summer Mitch was amazing for me overall guest is theDermalogica clearing matter fire and its regular matter fire silicon-based 1 but it also has am so sick acid into percent so I found that and at night certainly overall guest when I was going out to really stocks thatkind of shine but also it help to clear the polls in stock to break out to get and in warm weather so much still using it now if no September and I still really like it and I think this live don't keep this going if you really Natural Bridge owner overly greasy I wanted just to very velvety Matt not sheet I am did you quoted contouring and highlighting and things anyway so nice to start with the relation and even base now my foundation I'm not be sensation action but EU summit this deal to must rise to number one and just to give melupine coverage book again I don't want tokind of really foundation alit because I wanted to look my skin to look very natural indeed very on some to affected but not in an overly perfected way the number to go in with some stick foundationJames won the bobby brown ones from my university Palatine mixed together probably Bayesian warm page use this from Monique white fluffy brush and a minute on food you stick foundation himself just smooth around under his eyes and here in a song and take leave of his butt and just give myself a surgeon smoothing here in a many around the notion know I shouldn't need any powder because I’ve used the Mattie fire sure the tinted moisturizer can he do you need to do any should have small concealing best thing to do just teasingeyeliner brush them three fine eyeliner brush here by beach now much you can do more of this towards the end his and a little bit of sculpting and shading problemgoing to need to go back in with this okay the next thing I want to do is my eyebrows and the IRAs really should have keys to the slick unlike the kind of all sprout that name most is good for answers about the arch going for hours and breach browser deftly most street in the shade Susan about Masonry Blackball really solid I am it's more about making the shapes in a flat if you naturally got that so shape anyway and this is going to be perfectly but if not then he just going to need to switch have work on the little bit seventy years this you cute felt it to start with and this is number one manages slightly take the edge off my arch their just mapping out my shape I’m in actually in powder makes it easy brow brush and some powder I’m going to use your a must see a I shadow in ground coffee which is dark brown you can use any powder. 

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