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Study that came out that show that it's healthy to be grazer throughout the day so long as it’s healthy food and the reason is very simple because if you're brazen throughout the day you're not getting that blood sugar dropped when you get that blood sugar drop all the sudden you have just released adrenaline and quarter saw this going to literally calls increase crave means for the very foods high-sugar foods high starch phase is gone racial sugar raise your insulin program you for fat storage me up but another very important caveat I’d say this so simple but so profound is activity I mean like Thermosculpt Pro to use the word exercise the Sony my patients whenever I say the word exercise yeah immediately they you know with fold their arms as you know turn me off so I say just increase your activity level and whether simplest things anyone candor pretty much anyone is when I wake up in the morning I tell them drink that 16 ounces of water and then they can take their switch their to switch with that and then go out and just walk briskly for about 10 minutes in the recital say 30 minutes just 10 minutes because.

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