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How Honey And Weight LossSlimming Garcinia Are ConnectedAccording to data from the Association of Public Health Observatories, the UK tops the obesity league in Europe. In England itself about 32% of the total female population and 46% of the total male population are overweight. For an effective weight management, any diet program should be directed toward slow and steady weight loss. Losing more weight quickly does not guarantee you a permanent weight loss. Let's get an overview of some of the natural ways to lose weight.Weight loss with honey When you eat a diet rich in sugar, you tend to gain weight not just because of high calorie consumption, but also due to lack of vitamins and minerals that get utilized in the process of digesting sugar. But in case of honey, it contains refined sugar along with vitamins and minerals that are essential to dissolve cholesterol and fat. Honey mobilises the fat stored in the body, so that it can get burnt and provide energy. Also, when used with warm water and lemon juice, it can help in weight loss. Honey helps in improving digestion and is often consumed after overeating. Taking honey mixed with cinnamon powder and a cup of boiled water can also help you get rid of extra weight. 

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