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nevie alice

in my previous post, I sought to debunk the ever-present myth that being a "slave" to the treadmill gives females the body that they desire.Recap from my last post:Running mile upon mile signals excess energy production, which causes a reduction in the production of thyroid hormone, essentially bringing a woman's metabolic rate to a screeching halt.‚  Nitro Shred  With a decreased metabolic rate, fat loss will stop considerably, more than likely causing an increase in fat storage.‚ Couple that with the fact that running increases cortisol levels leading to muscle catabolism and you have a recipe for disaster for body composition.‚ At best, you'll be skinny fat, if you're lucky.So then what should you do?‚ What is my advice for women trying to achieve their fat loss and personal goals?LIFT WEIGHTS.‚ HEAVY AND OFTEN.‚ Let the treadmill serve as your coat hanger.‚ Nitro Shred Seriously, if only people at commercial gyms allowed those cardio machines to collect dust instead of countless drops of sweat, we'd have a population that was much more physically fit.What if I told you that all you need for your dream body is a solid nutrition strategy coupled with a flourishing relationship with a new best friend; let's call him IRON.‚ Some people call it a squat rack, others call it dumbbells,